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The Cleansing Stone

Blue Calcite Sphere

Blue Calcite Sphere

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I am Calcite. I aid in emotional healing, repelling negative emotions and emotional processing. 

Calcite is one of a handful of materials that contains the optical property of birefringence. In simple terms, birefringence is when a ray of light enters a material and splits into two separate rays when exiting. Due to this, a double image is formed on the far side. Many different groups have taken advantage of this unique property over time. Perhaps the most notable being the Vikings. About 1000 years ago, Vikings used calcite to locate the sun on cloudy days. Scientists have discovered that this method could have gotten them within 1% of the actual location of the sun even after the sun dipped below the horizon! While colored calcites are not translucent, calcite itself still has a very interesting history! 

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