What is Stone or Crystal cleansing? In short, it's reenergizing. All stones have a purpose and they need to be reenergized, cleansing is the process by which this is done. 


Stones/Crystals/Gems have a purpose. Even stones deep in the earth that have never been around humans have one, they hold the world up. Many people today and especially cultures of the past and present have an animistic belief towards objects like animals, plant life, and even stones. Animism is from the Latin: anima, breath, spirit, life is the belief that objects, places, and creatures all possess a distinct spiritual essence.


Whether you believe in the Universe, a God, Higher Power, or even the Big Bang theory, believing that stones have a consciousness of some kind and that they serve a purpose just like we do isn’t an unbelievable thought. Many religions even today believe that things were created spiritually as well as physically. There are so many things that stones can help with. Their purpose is divinely given to them and they strive to fulfill their purpose to the best of their ability.


Not all stones do the same thing. Not all people do the same thing. Each human being is different from the next. We each have qualities and gifts that not everyone has. When we look at the natural world, things may be similar but nothing is quite the same. In general, a grain of rice has the same features as every other grain but they aren’t identical. Some may have a little more nutrients in it because of the environment that it was in compared to others. The same thing happens with stones. Not all stones have the same abilities as the next. Some types of stones may do the same things generally but each stone may have a characteristic that sets it apart from another. Thus the need to reenergize. Humans may not realize that the stones around them are doing anything for them. They may not even know that the stones need to reenergize. This creates a “sickness” to come upon the stone that hinders their ability to perform their function and they need to be cleansed. Some stones can get what they need on their own. Some stones the purpose they serve actually cleanses themselves. Others stones' purpose is to cleanse other stones near by them. It can be difficult to find this information out. Some humans have "intuitive gifts" sometimes called “spiritual gifts”. Some of these may be something like seeing auras, intuition, or sensing energy. Other people may have other gifts that may help them to discern besides those listed. Some may have no gifts at all and may need help to know things from someone with a gift. No matter the case, understanding the need for a stone is obtainable in some way. 


Stones need to be cleansed. For example, your cellphone, regardless of how often you use it, eventually needs to be recharged. However, the more it is used, the sooner it will need to be recharged. This is a very similar concept when it comes to stones.


There are many ways that we use to cleanse stones. The most popular way we find most stones need to be cleansed is by placing them in salt. Other ways to cleanse could be with water (both by physically washing or running water next to a stone), smudging (sage/herbs, palo santo, or incense typically), burial in the ground, moon, sun, flowers, and there may be more. Later we will provide more information about each cleanse. A combination of cleansing types may even be required. Many people are unable to use a divine gift to understand what a stone needs. We use our intuition to determine what a stone's abilities are and how often a stone needs to be cleansed. We provide this information for every stone we send. We also don’t list a stone for sale if it's not cleansed first. We desire to give you and your stone the best opportunity to work together from the first moment you enter each other's life. 


Some different types of cleanses and some ways of how to cleanse them.


Salt: Placing a stone in salt is a very simple thing to do. However, we find that stones don’t cleanse well in table salt. Kosher and Mediterranean Sea salt seems to have the best universal results. However, that doesn’t mean we haven’t had stones that need special salt other than those listed. 


Water: Water running from a tap and a stone submerged in water can be a great way to cleanse. Depending on the stone, it may want to be submerged in water. However, you need to make sure that it’s safe to put it in water. There are stones that can not be put in water as you may damage it or they can be entirely destroyed. A general rule is if the stone's name ends in "ite" don't get it wet. If you do not know if a stone is water safe, we recommend a bit of research before attempting a water cleanse.  


Smudging: This is when a cleansing smoke of some sort is used to cleanse a stone. The amount of time and the type of combustible used may differ from stone to stone. A typical smoke cleanse may include a bundle of dried sage leaves or a piece of palo santo wood. 


Moon: Typically stones get the best cleanse from a full moon vs a lesser phase of the moon. It's a sun cleanse but the moon is reducing the power of the sun. Some stones may fade if put in direct sunlight and for that reason, some types of stones fare better from a moon cleanse.  


Sun: For a sun cleanse most stones need to be placed in direct sunlight. A south facing window is best. Depending on how drained the stone is they may need to stay there for multiple days. 


Flowers: We find some stones want to be in nature. Depending on where you live it can be a hard thing to do in winter. Also, a stone that can't be in water may not fair well outside for this reason we dry flowers and let them cleanse in a basket with many different petals and leaves from different varieties of plants.


Plant: This type of cleanse is different from the flower cleanse. You may place them in the soil of a houseplant.